A Journey Through Time and Stuff

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1 Hour, 100 DAY, Get Better or Something CHALLENGE

This episode, Ol' Phalangie Flailin' Aaron is joined by Jason Smith, to discuss their recent challenge.  This is for anyone who may want to better themselves, need something to be the scaffolding for growth, and want to hear us discuss our undertaking of this challenge. GooD Luck. 

Big Brother, Little Brother

This episode, Good Ol' Sore Hands Aaron welcomes his little bro, Rusty, once again onto the show. They talk music, Sonic Karma, kids and being a Dad, and a strangely large amount of poop talk.  Also, they both read poetry. 

Throw Me Into Hell, And I’ll Find a Way To Enjoy It w Daniele Bolelli

They say, never meet your heroes. Well, that does not apply to this case.  Aaron welcomed the savage philosopher Daniele Bolelli to the podcast. Daniele is a multiple author, historian, podcaster, and overall wonderful human.  Their discussion ranges from passions, to epistemology, to self care.  His level of conversational jui-jitsu is very high. He's good.  oh, and Aaron reads some poetry. 

I’ll Take What I Can Get w Dane Poppin

This episode, Ol' Aaron Funky Fingers welcomes hometown friend, bassist, touring musician Dane Poppin onto the show. They discuss his early love of music, what it was like taking a chance, and how he deals with the life of being a full time touring musican. They also discuss hobbies and beer, and Aaron reads poetry. 


Gotta Learn More w Jake Stutsman

This episode, 'Ol Aaron Lotsa Beer, welcomes long time friend, and basically family, Jake Stutsman onto the show. We discuss his growing up, making a big move at 16, how guitar struck him at an early age, and lots music talk.  Plus his new songs and Sonic Karma. Go watch the video for "Roll The Dice", and check out Jake's other songs. 

Train of Thought w John Michael Cordes

This episode, Ol' Aaron Too BiG O Feet welcomed John Michael Cordes into the studio. They discussed his childhood, him discovering prog at an early age, and getting rejected from music school. Plus they discuss their favorite bands, drummers, and more. Falco joins the show, and Aaron reads poetry.

They Never Looked Into It w Jason Smith

This episode, Ol' Aaron Fire Face welcomes our old host Jason onto the show. They catch the listeners up, discuss Colorado, and work.  They also discuss restaurant names, and childrens ponzi schemes. Plus a new guided meditation from Falco, and a new segment, Poetry corner, or something like that. I just don't know. 

Feel Like a Ninja, Look Like a Ninja w Benjamin Charles

This episode, 'Ol Aaron Weak Jaw is back, and this time he brought a friend. Benjamin Charles returns to the podcast. Hes a singer, musician, lyricist and artist, BJJ practitioner, and so much more. We discussed dickies, the quarantine, yoga, MMA,  Ligature Marks, and suprisingly, much more.  Plus another meditation from Falco. 

What Is Pudding?

This episode, Ol' Aaron Singletits rambled about cavemen, or cave-persons, pudding, mask eyes, and Cinco de Mayo.

Solocast #1

Hello friends. This episode, Ol' Aaron by himself, rallies through an hour of Isolation, a sharp lawnmower, Good Boys, and the best video game ever. He also struggles with the pressure of talking alone, and sends out a request, politely. 

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