A Journey Through Time and Stuff

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They Never Looked Into It w Jason Smith

This episode, Ol' Aaron Fire Face welcomes our old host Jason onto the show. They catch the listeners up, discuss Colorado, and work.  They also discuss restaurant names, and childrens ponzi schemes. Plus a new guided meditation from Falco, and a new segment, Poetry corner, or something like that. I just don't know. 

Feel Like a Ninja, Look Like a Ninja w Benjamin Charles

This episode, 'Ol Aaron Weak Jaw is back, and this time he brought a friend. Benjamin Charles returns to the podcast. Hes a singer, musician, lyricist and artist, BJJ practitioner, and so much more. We discussed dickies, the quarantine, yoga, MMA,  Ligature Marks, and suprisingly, much more.  Plus another meditation from Falco. 

What Is Pudding?

This episode, Ol' Aaron Singletits rambled about cavemen, or cave-persons, pudding, mask eyes, and Cinco de Mayo.

Solocast #1

Hello friends. This episode, Ol' Aaron by himself, rallies through an hour of Isolation, a sharp lawnmower, Good Boys, and the best video game ever. He also struggles with the pressure of talking alone, and sends out a request, politely. 

Final Episode w Jason Smith

Well folks. The band is breaking up, but the podcast is not over.  Our illustrious cohost, Jason Smith, is moving to Colorado. This is the farewell episode, with him live in the studio.  there will be calls, there will be laughs. much love. many hearts. 

Rumors of Light w Brendon Mount

This episode, The guys welcome Brendon Mount into the studio. They discussed his music, band B.R. Mount and the Doubt. He played some live music on the show, and also shared some of his favorite vinyls with us. Plus, another round of question time. 

The Ever Changing Bazooka

This episode, the guys have a chat, with themselves, some big news, and another podcast first. 

New Divisions w Jay Sanders

This Episode, we had Jay Sanders in the studio. We discussed him starting rapping, how hes evolved his style, some crazy stories, and much more. We had a great round of question time, and he played us his songs.

Itchy Ass All Day w David Day

We had our good buddy David on the podcast, after not having seen him in almost 3 years. We caught up, talked about growing up, professional wrestling, and much more. 

The Fine Line Between No Biggies and Yes Smallsies

Big ass bazooka today. The quys went solo, and discussed recording music with their bands, NFL standings after 10 weeks, and the first chapters of Genesis.  They also listened to The London Howlin Wolf sessions, on vinyl.