A Journey Through Time and Stuff

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Pathetic Losers and Gravitational Lensing w Paul Anderson

This episode, we had the pleasure of having the amazing Paul Anderson on the podcast. Hes a multi-instrumentalist, bassist for Vespera, and luthier. we discussed a wide range of topics, including Star Wars, physics, atheism, and losers.  Such a good podcast. We also listened to Fleetwood Mac's, Rumours, on vinyl. 

Happy Thoughts and Poison Arrows w Noise Brigade

This could be the best episode we've done thus far. This episode the guys welcome back Noise Brigade. Jason and Aaron sit down with Nathan, Doug and Elias, to discuss their band, overcoming self doubt, farts and assholes. 

A Salesman’s Tale

This Episode, the guys welcome back Tanner Hansen into the studio, for a little catch up, some laughs, and some Monty Python. 

The Meaning of Life

This episode, we discuss some disc golf, new vinyls, Shaun White, bodybuilders, and more. we listen to Monty Pythons' The Meaning of Life, and Black Label Society. 

Plumbus Extraction

This episode, the guys talk about their bands, getting called a neo-nazi, listening to hotline calls, and new question of the week.

The Glove Hand, A Whiskey Tasting

This Episode, the guys welcomed their resident Spirit Master, Michael back into the studio, for an American Vs Canadian whiskey tasting.  They had a wide and broad discussion, and listened to some great tunes.  They also asked the question of the week, "If you had to lose one of your five senses, which would you lose?" Call the hotline with the answer, or even a simple hello. 971-801-8378

The Theif and the Smuckers Spike

This is a future, past, new episode. The guys sit down and discuss some assholes, funny things, and themselves little bit. Also the Question Of The Week, "Would you rather sit on a porcupine, or get bit in the taint by a rattlesnake?" 971-801-VEST. 

Fresh Seasoned Curlys

This episode, the guys discuss some science, Sober October, and a bad white dude.  New Question Of The Week, "What is your nickname, who gave it to you, and do you like it?" 971-801-VEST.  Also listened to Fragile by YES, on vinyl. 

100% Love Pee

This episode, the guys recount Aaron's latest show, Jason's new motorcycle, NFL talk w/Rusty, plus Hotline phone calls. They also listened to ZZ Top's album, Tres Hombres, on vinyl. Question of the week, "Are big arms on guys to girls the same as big boobs on girls are to guys?" 971-801-8378

Pizza and Stuff w Shane Relkin

This episode, the guys sit down with a awesome dude and pizza expert, Shane Relkin. They discuss Jasons recent trip to Alaska, upcoming band things, and of course, pizza. Plus a cameo appearence.  Also new question of the week, What is your mundane superpower?  call in on the hotline, 971-801-VEST.