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Irons In The Fire w Karl Whinnery

This episode, Aaron invites Karl Whinnery into the studio.  They discuss music, his bands Vintersea and Ligature Marks, Hot Karl Productions, and his contributions in the fan film, Jason Rising.  They also listen to Machine Head, on vinyl. 

Its Situational w Joseph Smith

This episode, Aaron welcomes on Joseph Smith, to talk about mental health, music, being in bands, and his podcast, Situational.  

Leaving the Mormon Faith

This is one for the books.  Another to become the first of many.   I welcome Anthony Guth into the studio, a friend from the same hometown, who after over 30 years, left his religion.  This is a conversation of indoctrination, abuse, and healing.  

MetalFellas - A View From The Top Of The World - Dream Theater

This episode, has become the first of many.   Aaron assembled a rag tag team of ruffians to discuss, in depth, the newest album from the band Dream Theater.  Rusty Singleton, Britton Anderson and Jake Stutsman round out the crew taking on the task.  Join them once a month for MetalFellas Album Reviews.  Email the office of submissions and reviews board at   Timeandstuffpod@gmail.com  to submit your album recommendations for consideration for review. 

The Muddy Boot ep.1

Chet Bilkington and Sheridan Louise Dewitt welcome you to the Muddy Boot.  This is an exploration into all things noisy with our Earth. 

Secondary Pirates w Mykel Illa

This episode, Aaron welcomes Mykel Illa into the studio. They discuss music, video games and art, being sure of oneself, and his band Delta Avenue.  They also discuss his beginning in music and acting.  Falco stops by the show, and Aaron r eads some poetry.  They also listen to Stevie Wonders, Sir Duke, on vinyl.  


Music and Mid Sized Urethras w Winyard Bletch

BOOM! This episode, I welcome Winyard Bletch back onto the show. We discuss locker rooms, music industry and terrestrial radio,  plus him living in Denver and his 3 bands.  Enjoy it friends. 

Its Just All I Know w Jason Smith

This Episode, Aaron welcomes Jason back onto the show, for a great conversation about Earth To Ashes new music video, a chat about their dogs and health problems, the NFL, and Aaron tells a story about science.  Falco also joins the show. 

Music Videos w Wendigo, The Poet

This episode, Aaron welcomes his writing partner and one of his oldest friends, Wendigo, The Poet onto the podcast.  They discuss a range of topics, including Earth To Ashes new music video, writing and art, and recounting childhood stories.  Nerdy and in depth, just the way I likes it. 

Jake Blanchard Podcast w Aaron Singleton

Audio from episode 68 of the Jake Blanchard Podcast, where he had Aaron on as a guest.   Jake is a fantastic interviewer, and wonderful human being.  Aaron talked too much.  


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