A Journey Through Time and Stuff

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ep.1 - Can I Play With Podcast

Episode 1 - Can I Play With Podcast  Aaron and Jason discuss were they grew up, their band, and the bromance between them. Their 2016 ups and downs and some of the goals that they've set for 2017.  They also feature Iron Maidens album, Seventh Son of a Seventh Son, on vinyl. 

ep.2 - More Than A Podcast

Episode 2 - More Than A Podcast   Jason and Aaron discussed their favorite football teams, brewing beer for the first time, their motivations in life, and stuff.  They also showcase their vinyl copy of Bostons' hit album, Boston

ep.3 - Closer To The Podcast

Episode 3 - Closer To The Podcast   The guys talk about technology today, their community, and the current weather.  They also hit on their hygiene, the origins of the records, and a history lesson. This episode also features the 5th Rush album, A Farewell To Kings, on vinyl.

ep.4 - Podcast It Out Loud

Episode 4 - Podcast It Out Loud  Things get heavy this week as the guys talk Time, their Gym and Death himself.  They also discuss some intersting facts about Outer Space, Physics, and the Vinyl Resting Place.  Feature vinyl this week, the KISS album Destroyer!!!!

ep.5 - Shine On You Crazy Podcast

Episode 5 - Shine On You Crazy Podcast  This week, the Guys discuss the old days, health, and food.  The guys also show off something new, and try their self brewed beer for the first time, and show off their viny copy of Pink Floyd's masterpiece, Wish You Were Here. 

ep.6 - Midweek Wonderland Bazooka

Hump day is over, and the guys decided it was time for a chit-chat. 

ep.7 - One Podcast Over The Line w/ Rusty Singleton

Episode 7 - One Podcast Over The Line. This week, the guys have a special phone in guest, Rusty Singleton.  They discuss his upcoming baby, the Super Bowl, and being kids themselves. Jason and Aaron also discuss meeting new people, ideas, and aliens. Vinyl showcase this week is the 3rd album by Brewer and Shipley, Tarkio. 

ep.8 - Midweek Wonderland Saladballs

A new invention? Just dumb luck? We turn up the love this hump day, and let you know about it. 

ep.9 - No Stairway Podcast w/ Elias Cobb

NO STAIRWAY!!  This week, the guys have their first in house guest, long time bro and drummer for Noise Brigade, Elias Cobb.  The discuss the beginnings of their friendshp, music, and working out.  We also talk about a good trip together, Elias and the band recording in New York, and have a discussion about our vinyl pick this week, Led Zeppelin IV.

ep.10 - Midweek Bazooka Kablaarg?

This hump day the guys go deep. What is Kablaarg? Stimulating conversation from the best of places. Warm. Warm.....      WARM?

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