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Jake Blanchard Podcast w Aaron Singleton

Audio from episode 68 of the Jake Blanchard Podcast, where he had Aaron on as a guest.   Jake is a fantastic interviewer, and wonderful human being.  Aaron talked too much.  


watch the episode here...


Swod Cast - A Star Wars Story w Matt Conrad and Rusty Singleton

This episode, Aaron welcomes his brother Rusty and cousin Matt back onto the show, to discuss all things Star Wars, movies, characters, and rankings.   Plus some fantastic trivia.  

Aaron and I

I am myself, and Aaron doesn't get why I like it that way. 

Do Worse Less w Kyle Eshleman

Aaron is back, to much vacation, and he needed help from his friend, Kyle.  They solved almost everything, at least for today. 

Godzilla vs Kong : The Review w Rusty Singleton

This episode Aaron welcomes his brother Rusty back onto the show.  They discuss the hard problem of breakfast, and the movie Godzilla vs Kong.  plus Rusty reads a poem.

Stuff Time to Journey w Ben Charles

This episode, Aaron chats with his good buddy Ben Charles about his band Ligature Marks, and their newest song and music video "Noise In The Signal".  They also chat about finding music as a kid, loving your past self, and more. They also listen to Noise in the Signal. 

AMA #1

This episode, Aaron answers listener questions ranging from family names to Pearl Harbor vs Titanic. 

Don’t, Just Die w Bryan Calhoon

This week, Aaron invited Bryan over for a nice chat about what we would do if armageddon happened, his new band Glass Cameo, comedy and Tik Tok.  All with a stop by from Falco. 

Fly Me To The Moon w Tess Caswell

This episode, Aaron chats with childhood friend, Tess Caswell, about her journey and drive to becoming a Spacewalk Operations Engineer at NASA JSC. 

Stay Fabulous Always w Lowell George Granath

This episode, Aaron speaks with Lowell Granath.  They discuss his many projects, including Drilled Podcast w Dr. Brady, Manchilding is Hard, Pedalboards of Doom, plus his musical projects and much more.  Lowell plays music from his projects, and we listen to King Crimson, Metallica, Mercyful Fate, and The Misfits on vinyl.  Falco joins the show, and Aaron reads poetry. 

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