A Journey Through Time and Stuff

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Sweet Podcast

This Episode, the guys go over some long awaited critiques, talk about podcasting, and kept it short.   Jason's vinyl pick this week is Aerosmith's third album, Toys In The Attic. 

Quantum Stinky Bazooka

This episode the guys discuss Aaron's horrors at work, Jason's latest achievements, and things that blew their minds. 

13 - Master of Podcasts

This Week, the guys discuss Aaron saving a band from almost certain death, Jason's latest gig, and NASA's newest announcement. This weeks feature Vinyl is arguably one of the best metal albums of all time, Metallica's Master of Puppets.

14 - Our Dreamy Humanist Bazooka

This midweek, the guys discuss Jason's progress with his motorcycle, Aaron's craziest dream, and an intro into the guys' humanistic worldview. 

15 - Beast of Podcast w/ Josh Kempa

This week, the guys had the privilege of having Josh Kempa in the studio. The talked about their love of music, Josh's time in the band Minmae, and their thoughts on inspiration.  This weeks vinyl showcase, The Rolling Stone's 14th studio album, Some Girls. 

16 - Bourbon Bully Bazooka

This Bazooka, the guys discuss art skills, bullies, and stuff.  You know. 

17 - Holy Podcast w/ Ian Uponen

This week, the guys are joined by musician and great friend, Ian Uponen.  They discuss music, inspiration, and beer.  They also feature on vinyl, Dio's debut album, Holy Diver. 

18 - Underwater Life Bazooka

Bazooka time. The guys discuss Kush Balls, Sasquatch, and Life elsewhere, and stuff. Boom.

19 - The Smoker You Drink, Rides A Podcast

This week, the guys talk about Fighting Silence, and podcasting. They feature on vinyl this week, Joe Walsh's second album The Smoker You Drink, The Player You Get, and James Gang Rides Again. 

20 - A Night At The Podcast

Our 20th episode. The guys discuss new stuff with the podcast, some show stats, and get really weird. Like they promised.  For this special episode, they chose a very special vinyl, Queen's fourth album, A Night At The Opera. 

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