A Journey Through Time and Stuff

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Darmok and Jalad at Tanagra w Matt Conrad

This episode, Aaron welcomes his cousin onto the show, for a discussion of passions.  They discuss social views,  the phenomena of collecting, Lego, and Star Trek.  Falco also joins the show, and Aaron reads a poem.  

Bacon Tape w Matt Helvie

This episode, Aaron welcomes Matt Helvie back on the show, to talk surviving the pandemic, people and their bad ideas, his new band, and overcoming self doubt.  

Down With The Sickness

This episode, Aaron speaks about the 'Rona, and also talks to Jason about their new music challenge. 

A Long Time Comin’ w Jason Smith

This episode, Aaron comes back. And explains his absence. And Feels terrible. 


He also welcomes Jason onto the show to talk vacation, fun and friends, doubt, decency, projecting, and rejuvenated.  They also listen to Iron Maiden, and Naked Lucks new single, Barrel Fire. 

Thems Fightin Words

Wow. This episode got crazy.  Jason joined me for our 100 day recap, and some football talk,  and Aaron dropped the bomb, that someone has beef with Falco. And our duo talked to that person, on the phone, on the show.  You don't want to miss this. 

Real World Talk w Othrys

This episode, Aaron welcomes James and Sebastion from OTHRYS back onto the show.  They found themselves discussing life in late 2020, plus some music and quirky people.  Plus Falco joined the show, and Aaron read some poetry. 

Savage Viking Pirate w Doug Smith

This episode, Ol' Aaron Hates the Smoke, welcomes the savage viking himself, Doug "Smitty" Smith  onto the show.  We talk about his origin, the Navy, his band Quor,  and some deep shit.  We also had a visit from Falco, and Aaron read some poetry. 

Lovin, People, Aliens w Mick Whitney

BOOM! This episode, Ol' Aaron Grill Master welcomes Mick Whitney back onto the show, AND into the Studio. We had a wonderful in person conversation about the pandemic, kids, Aliens, love,  and much more.  We also played vinyls again on the show, for the first time in a long time.  Mick picked some Black Sabbath, Rush, and Iron Maiden.  Plus a visit from Falco. 

Do The Work w Jake Blanchard

This episode, Ol' Aaron Gettin It Done welcomes Jake Blanchard into the studio. They discuss the launch of his new podcast, plus his approach to life and business. They also touch on growth, passions, music, and much more. Falco also returns to the podcast. 

Popsicle Reflections

This episode, Aaron welcomes Aaron back to the show. He talks to himself about his time off, then calls Jason to learn about fire fighting.  Aaron then calls 15 people to find out what their favorite childhood popsicles were.  For Science. Falco joins the show, and Aaron reads more poetry.

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