A Journey Through Time and Stuff

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This Is My Life

This episode, the guys get together, and talk disc golf, work, and Staind. 

Doom and Boom w Cole Powelson

This episode, the guys welcome Cole Powelson back into the studio. They discuss his new bands he is in and how he balances all the work. We also discuss games and the asshole of the week.  Plus, he brought a couple sweet vinyls to jam to. 

OwlSquatch w Tyler Kennedy

This episode, the guys welcome drummer Tyler Kennedy into the studio, to talk drums, practice, Rush, Sasquatch, and Owls.  

A Tale of Ramblin’ Men w Othrys

WHew. This was a wild episode with James, Luke, and Sebastion of Othrys. We really discussed so many topics, that we definitely forgot to wrap up a lot of the strings we unwound in this episode. strap in, and try to enjoy, 

Smash Potato Meditation w Steve Holt

This episode, the guys welcomed guitarist and songwriter for 36 Crazyfists, Steve Holt into the studio. they discussed his start to music, 36CF, meditation and anxiety, and much more. Such an awesome episode. 

Chipmonk N Monkey

This week, the guys gathered amidst a HORRIBLE storm, and were sad because their guest didn't show. Enjoy.

To Columbia and Back Again w Elias Cobb

This episode, the guys had their good friend Elias Cobb back on the podcast. He discussed his trip to Columbia, and we discussed coffee, talking on the phone, and Phil Collins. Plus the Asshole of the Week, Question of the Week, and vinyl of the week.  Call our hotline with answers to the QOTW. 971-801-8378.

Yellow Lights and New Years

This episode, the guys get together for the first podcast of the new year, to discuss nicknames, yellow lights, growing old and talking to customers. Also the asshole of the week, and question of the week. call our hotline 971-801-8378

2 Years, New Years

This episode, the guys bring in 2019, and the 2 year anniversary of the podcast. This show contains an abundance of love and heartfelt shit, and Scissor Paper ROCKS. 

The Garbage Bite of Death

This Episode, the guys are all by themselves. They discuss the friend rodeo, finding dead bodies, and bums.  They also play an old bonus episode, in which the guys were, drunk.