A Journey Through Time and Stuff

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Bush Squad Mentality w Shevonne Sayers

This episode, the guys welcome the wonderful Shevonne Sayers back into the studio. We catch up after nearly 2 years of last seeing each other, and talk about what she's changed in her life as of recent, motivation, positivity, and overcoming bad ideas. We also had a round of question time, and discussed the Asshole of the Week. For the vinyl this week, Shevonne picked Michael Jackson's album, Bad. 

Naked Luck Album Preview

This episode, Jason jumps in the interviewee seat, and joins Naked Luck for a lovely discussion and a first listen to their debut album, Naked Luck. we discuss the band, making of the album, and question time. What a wonderful time, and group of dudes. 

Bear Strikes Back w Mick Whitney

This episode, the guys welcomed Mick Whitney, bassist for 36 Crazyfists, into the studio.  This one went long, talking about everything including Bear young in Alaska, moving to Hollywood, joining 36, and much more. We had a great round of question time, and enjoyed Mick's picks for vinyls, Rolling Stones, Waylon Jennings, Ac-Dc, Nazareth, and Metallica. Whew. 

Universal Alignment w Benjamin Charles

This episode, the guys welcomed the amazing and brilliant Benjamin Charles into the studio. We went all over the map on this one, and touched on his music and Ligature Marks, Jiu Jitsu, Datsusara, and a great round of Question time. We had a new Asshole of the Week. Ben also picked 3 great vinyls for the show, Crosby, Stills, and Nash, Fleetwood Mac, and Tom Petty. 

Orange, Or Purple w Not A Shark

Hello Humans. This episode, the guys welcome Peter, Scotty, And Alton, from the band Not A Shark into the studio.  They discuss how the band formed, starts to music, favorite colors, solipsism, video games and much more. They also listen to Scale The Summit V, on vinyl. 

Neighborhood Karaoke

This episode, the guys gather, talk some Shit, get over some things, and make fun of idiots.

Game of Thrones Finale Episode

This episode, the guys record hours before the final episode of Game Of Thrones. Beth and Jayda join us for a small conversation about the last episode, and we give predictions. 

Every Band Needs An Ed

This episode, the guys discuss new band things, disc golf, watch some funny new videos, and listen to Traffic. 

Goodbye Game Of Thrones

This episode, the guys get together to rejoice. Its Easter, and we have a new record player. The guys discuss work, music, softball, Game Of Thrones, Passover and Easter, plus the Asshole of the Week. They also listen to Elton John's, Goodbye Yellow Brick Road, on vinyl. 

Rocketing and Leaguing

This episode, the guys get together and do some gaming. If you enjoy gaming, this podcast is for you. Or, if you just like randomness. The guys play Rocket League, and talk shit and fun things. They also discuss work things, and others.